Anthony Richardson

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The Growth Hackers Axiom

  • "Only in testing will I know if something is going to be successful."
  • "Only in measuring will I know if it is a success."
  • "Only data and results will show me the best way to market."
  • "Conjecture is toxic to goals."
  • “Data levels all arguments.”

The 1 Reason People Get Rich.

I really enjoy finding complex patterns or trends and breaking them down into the simplest form. Some things can be complicated and lend themselves to complicated explanations. However, I’ve learned that while having extra information is useful, its not always as great as one great piece of information that makes a really stick in our mind.

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5 Reasons Why “Going Viral” is not Growth Hacking


Make it go viral”. As a growth hacker I’m truly exhausted of this once clever moniker as a whole. A presumptuous history lesson: Somehow making its way into the ecosystem of general online marketing vernacular back in 200(4)? (5)? didn’t seem to be enough. Once this term reached the ears of the type-A CTOs and CEOs of an organization they quickly began believing this to be simply an attainable exercise or a protocol that must be turned into the “ON” position. It amazes me, even now, that this an acceptable request (especially with startups). 

Here are a few of my problems with it:

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“Risk is the art of determining what you’re willing to give up and then taking brave action.”

– Me. I said this.